Do not cheat with Sirens if you cannot resist

It is better not to become a regular gambler
Maybe you did hear it some day ago or maybe you have
your own experience with this matter:
there are among us or among our friends
some people with arising gambling problem.

Could you recall your first feelings regarding some kind of lottery?

Money gain?

It is so easy to keep oneself in dreams…

Many people like the words „You can win".
Almost each person likes to hear this. That is not the problem.
Hey, listen, we all know, that this matter means something
like maybe you may win, maybe not.

But it is not easy to remember the truth
about this kind of „tit for tat“.

As it is not the „tit = few dollars“ for „tat = huge winning“.
Not at all, however our dreams tell us it could be.
It is essential to keep in mind, that all this means:
Put the money on and Have A Hope only!

But we don´t want to hear the truth.
We start playing with the thoughts about winning huge amounts
of money, get rich quick, reach lump sum, hit the jackpot,
fill the mattress by banknotes and so on.

Unfortunately, after few vain trials, one´s mind will start to whisper
„I have to win“,
„I have to scratch my money from this game back“
with the sentences „I will win“ and „I´m near“ accordingly.

There is a horrible rule acting in it – saying:
The more you lost in game
and the more you crave for getting your money back from it by playing,
the more winning-strike seems close to you
and the more you lose.
May be said - gambling.

This moment is decisive – if you will push and pull still further and more and more,
or if you give up.
Yes, I see – you are thinking I´m completely stupid person –
possibility of giving up the game? Oh? BUT:

Just imagine yourself
not winning this moment,
nore after a week,
nore after a month
– you will find yourself asking: where did my money (and spouse and friends!!!) go?
STOP yourself! Have a look around you and go to find a help! You need friends to help you, and it could be by some "gamblers anonymous" of course, because you need help. Just repeat these words to yourself and go for a help.