Luring of Sirens

Do you often buy lottery ticket when the huge jackpot attracts you? Or do you buy lottery ticket for every draw in your area?
In all cases you buy the ticket not as the "ticket" or chance to win, but you buy it as a chance to have what you dream about for a long time - am I right?
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It is completely unusefull to tell you the real odds of the lottery. Once it isnīt 1 to 500 or something similar and easy to understand, the number saying 1:8000000 or 1:14000000 one practically cannot diversify.
The very unfair thesis (and mathematicians could say "proven thesis") is that one telling us that every each number has the same chance of being drawn. No matter if it was among winning numbers in last draw or if it wasnīt among winning numbers for a long time or however other condition you apply. Really.
Some from us are thinking - "I will place the same numbers to the ticket still and still and forever (for the all years of life) and it MUST bring success!" Somebody did make the mathematic work with it and tell us - maybe, after 135 000 years of doing it by this way. (Bad boy!) But in this and every other lottery case the importance of Fortune is playing the biggest role, isnīt it?
Yes, which are the ways we often choice for picking the numbers for the lottery ticket?
Literally thousands of people are using "important data", such the birth data (own and of their beloved), phone numbers, house numbers, numbers by numerology of their names or other. Obvious thesis is: These first named are only on the risk that if they win, they will obtain "divided sum" due to greater number of people picking the 1 to 30 numbers. But it doesnīt matter, if the sum will be huge enough, yeah?
Some of us are using "mathematics" and "statistics", or hoping in the repeated occurence of some kind of coincidence.
You see, if the number 44 was among winning numbers for example 39 draws ago, you can expect it will be drawn soon. But it goes different! You know it - if you bet on 44, it "get jammed" and you will have to wait and wait and wait... to the time you have no will (or money) to play the lottery again.

You can see few very sofisticated software pieces dealing with lottery and winning. They are super!
Every time you would like to see some kind of statistics, sequencing, ranking, different points of view, you can study it and play with it. If you have a question "Could I rely on their (software authorsī ) proclamation the programm can help me to win?" the answer is yes, definitely. No? "But your odds are still mathematically the same (almost)" the pesimists will say.
One of these programms tells "among the output lines of lottery numbers you will always find the winning combination for this tested draw" and it is true, (99,9 % I guess). But the number of output lines is so big ... it is impossible to play all of them! Fortunately, there are additional methods to pick the "most proper" lines, so you could have a feeling of "being close" to win. I love these programs!
Near this lays the possibility of dealing with self-counting, mute, making matrix, grids of changes and so on. They usualy demand bigger then little expenses, connected to the maximum of lines to bet for the chance of win.
Somebody choose another way, for example - help of astrology, help of pendulum, dreams and so on.
But every time there is a question and procrastinating - have I use these numbers only for these one draw? Or will it be better to pick other numbers for each draw separately? No way back after decide - if you cannot afford to buy more and more lottery tickets for your old and new and newest lottery lines, you must have a tabu; never be looking backward confronting your old numbers with present draw.For your psychic health! Past is past...
These lottery games are as beautiful Sirenas luring us into play by many promises and spices.
What you will keep in mind after the lottery draw showing 1,4,9,12,28,46 when your picked line was 2,6,12,16,33,46 (or something similar - easier example would be 2,5,10,13,29,47)? That you was "so close" (1+1, 4+2, 9+3, 12+4, 28+5, and 46 remains)... But it will not tell you which numbers you would pick the next time. In any case, if you see the similarity between your picked numbers and the winning line, you want to try it again more and more.
Yes, there is the Gold Formula ruling it all: Every time you are sure that you see the "rule" in the lines of winning numbers, you can see it until you bet on it! (Then it dissapears and you will see another "rule" soon or later, of course with the same result.)
And HERE WE ARE : again we will give our hope in "mathematics" and start to find next piece of lottery software. My favorite one is ExpertLotto. You can visit it here . It is very sofisticated! Great work !
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