ASTROLOGY and others

You can see over there on www so many net-astrologers and net-astrology-services that it is clear you must be overhelmed by it. You know, my idea is simple:


It is not such difficult as it seems. And I would be happy if most of you is able to use some kind of astrology software and read some books about this or other planet position astrology meanings and so on...
Who knows you more then you? So with knowing you and knowing astrology it should be very - interesting. I donīt think it could be useful to consult planet positions every morning, because it cannot give you exact schedule for your life, but after look onto chart from time to time you will be able to see some guidelines to manage it all better for yourself.
My favorite astrology software actually is program invented by Mr.Zdenek Pazdera,

Sky Calendar - where you can see some info and screenshots too, download available.
If everything was simple, how better the life could be! But nowaday almost everything is more and more complicated. It regards whole life and living, health, relationships, love, work, study, almost everything. Wish you all the best, health and luck. And love, love, love. D.
I provide you here a link to functional demo of my exe, small program which gives you a chance to make a question and to obtain some kind of answer - regarding your beloved, partner, romance, joint life.
Demo has only less answers then full version. And love readings itself were inspired mostly by my astrologic work, it means you can see here texts available in my astrology readings too. And if you like it, you can buy full version, of course. :-) On Plimus!
Here is free demo at first -- VALENTINES: AsVALis.exe free from here
Some of my images - photos and digital works are for sale at fineart america: